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Algordanza Diamonds

A symbol of love and remembrance, Memorial Diamonds are timeless heirlooms passed down through generations.

Every diamond is different reflecting the uniqueness of each person. You can choose your preferred size and cut for your indivdual memorial diamond or decide on a rough cut diamond.

Ashes Into Glass

Ashes into Glass is fine jewellery, hand-made in specialist workshops in Billericay. This priceless item of jewellery will remind you that your loved one is with you all the time whether this be a fleeting thought or a fond memory, a favourite song heard from the radio or a conversation with a friend. By wearing it or just holding it in your hand, you can connect with your loved one and share these special moments together.


Saying goodbye to a loved one is always going to be very difficult but a gentle way of marking this is by way of a dove release.

A single dove signifies the soul/spirit of the deceased beginning their final journey.

Two doves being released signifies the joining of two souls.

Four doves being released signifies the soul/spirit of the deceased being joined with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to guide your loved one on their final journey.

Environmentally Friendly Funerals

These are funeral services that can take a less traditional form and seek to minimise impact upon the world’s natural resources. This may mean choosing a woodland burial ground, deciding not to have overseas-grown flowers at the funeral or selecting a coffin made of materials such as bamboo or wicker.

An environmentally friendly funeral need not differ significantly to any other. By checking the wood used to make a wooden coffin is obtained from sustainably managed resources, using a local cemetery or crematorium and arranging to share vehicles when travelling to and from the funeral would be significant strides to achieving an environmentally responsible funeral.

Woodland burial grounds are cemeteries, often privately run, where strict rules govern what can and cannot be buried. If you are considering buying a grave in a woodland burial ground, you should visit to see whether it is what you expect and ask to see their terms and conditions. Of particular interest should be the length of the exclusive right of burial and what the long term plans for the site are.

Heart in Diamonds

We don’t always remember the days, we remember the moments…..

What shapes us as humans is our capacity for the unconditional love we have for members of our family, our friends and even our pets. Those magical and memorable moments spent together make up the rich tapestry of our lives. With this as the backdrop these beautiful and highly prized eternal diamonds are created and valued by so many. A priceless connection to your loved one that comes straight from the heart. This personal diamond is grown in a laboratory under strictly controlled conditions. To create your individual diamond, particles of carbon extracted from the hair or ashes of your loved one are added to a diamond growing foundation. This grows into a unique diamond that is linked to your loved one at its very core.

Hygienic Treatment

Caring for the deceased is something we are proud undertake and will do this with all due diligence and dignity. However, if a family wants to visit their loved ones on a number of occasions or there will be a prolonged time until the funeral, it is worth considering Hygienic Treatment or, as many will know it, embalming.

Hygienic Treatment enhances natural hydration which stops after death and therefore insures loved ones will look the same for a fair period whilst allowing them to be kept in a warm environment assuring the effects of ‘Mother Nature’ are controlled.

We don’t routinely carry out this procedure but are happy to if requested by the family.

Memorial Benches

Memorial benches with personalised wood engraved inscription or engraved plaque. FSC certified teak, teak, FSC certified roble, oak, FSC certified mahogany, FSC certified pine woods available to choose from.

The inscription is a permanent reminder for that special message.

Precious Pieces - Fingerprint Jewellery

Beautiful pure silver gifts and keepsakes that hold your loved one’s prints forever.

Each item is unique and you can choose from existing styles or we can work with you to design something truly individual. Various coloured gems can be added to all styles and names or initials can be engraved at no additional cost.

See You - Memorial Jewellery

The defining characteristic of these keepsakes is the integration of visible ashes or hair into the design of every piece. This collection we hope provides you with the beauty and elegance you will cherish along with your memories.

To ensure peace of mind, we always make the process of the ash or hair integration available for you to observe.