Music and Video


Music is something close to many people's hearts and we recognise how important it is to have the right music played at these difficult times.

If you have particular music in mind for the service, please discuss this with the celebrant and ourselves to make sure we get this right for you. We have the facilities to provide high quality playback of your music choices at any venue, be it a church, marquee or in fact anywhere.

All crematoriums have music systems available and a vast library of music via the Wesley Music System, but they need to know what is required at least 48 hours in advance of the Funeral/Celebration of Life.

If you want an organist, we will make sure one is arranged for the church or crematorium or both. If you want live music played at any other venue, we will oversee this and make sure appropriate facilities are provided.

We can also undertake to produce for you any special music which is not available elsewhere as we have access to a recording studio and the musicians/artistes required to do this.

Audio & Video Services

We can organise either audio or video recording of the service at any location which can be provided as a CD, MP3 or DVD dependent on your wishes. This also allows us to web-cast the service if there are relatives who want to be with you but geographically can't make it to the service venue, this is reliant on internet access being available. Often this can be achieved via a mobile network modem but in certain locations where mobile reception is compromised we would investigate access via other means.

Another consideration if you expect a large attendance is the provision of an audio or video relay of the service. This can either be to a remote location such as a church hall or to the outside of the building.

Audio & Visual Tributes

We can produce a video montage using pictures and video that can be presented during the service on a large television screen to run alongside the tribute/eulogy. If you would prefer this to run in the entrance area to the venue or at the wake after the funeral. This bespoke video will be edited in house and produced to a high quality giving those attending an opportunity to stop and remember intently the deceased; how they looked and, if requested, sounded.

All we need from the family are original videos/pictures/audio clips, this can be supplied on any media; VHS video cassette, CD, DVD, computer file or a combination of them all.

A copy of the video will be provided to the family after the service.


I'm sure as time passes and the enormity of a what happened yesterday hits me I will feel that these words are not enough but I just wanted to say thank you