Choosing the memorial for a grave should never be underestimated as getting the design and wording exactly as you wish is everything.

Following the funeral there is plenty of time to achieve this as the headstone cannot be placed at the grave side for 6 months. This allows time for the ground to settle.

The examples below are just a sample of the wide number of options available and visit to a monumental mason is highly recommended to view the standard of their work and discuss your requirements.

We have contact details for a number of monumental masons and will be pleased to help you make that initial contact or,oversee the whole process if you wish.

Dark Grey Granite ref.16014
Ruby Red Granite ref.16031
Black ref.16039
Black ref.16042
Abbey Grey ref.16052
Celtic Grey ref.16062
Dark Grey ref.16064
Grey Bird ref.16084

Black ref.16100
Dark Grey ref.16099
Black ref.16108
Grey Bird ref.16154
Black ref.16157
Lunar Grey ref.16171
Tropical Green ref.16190
Black ref.16192
Ruby Red ref.16206
Black ref.16207