Funeral Services

The Funeral Services

One of the first decisions to be confirmed is the type of funeral service they would like. Our staff at Cornwall Funeral Services will be there to support you through this and make all arrangements as requested.

Often the person who has died will have said whether they want to be cremated or buried but sometimes this decision rests with the relatives or those representing the deceased.


There are a number of things to consider if you decide upon a cremation:

  • The service can take place in a church, chapel or other location prior to going to the Crematorium
  • The funeral service can also be held at the Crematorium itself
  • It can be less expensive than a burial
  • You can scatter the ashes at a wide variety of locations, perhaps in the deceased's favourite spot
  • You can bury the ashes
  • You can keep the ashes in an urn
  • here are many options for keepsakes to be made with some of the ashes
Camborne Crematorium



Here are some things to consider about burial:

  • When deciding upon a grave plot you may consider reserving space for other members of your family so they can be buried nearby
  • Maybe you already have a family grave or plot
  • Woodland burials are now popular and are available nearby. You can find out more about these here
  • The service can take place in a church, chapel or other location
  • Following the burial you will need to decide if you want a memorial headstone; or if you are using a family grave whether you want a new inscription added to an existing headstone


Gary's celebration of life really was that and we have had so many friends comment on what a beautiful service it was and how they had never been to a funeral like it.