Cremated Remains

Following a cremation, considering the final resting place for ashes is something some time should be taken over.

There are numerous options available to the family for the dispersal and these can be very personal – maybe a location the deceased loved visiting or somewhere special to the family. The ashes can also be buried at a graveyard or dispersed by the crematoria on their grounds. We also supply a large selection of urns and caskets if you wish to care for the ashes at home.

We display some of the options for Urns, Caskets and Scatter Tubes below and also provide information on the options for jewellery on the following pages.

These are ideal for the burial cremation ashes in private ground, woodland burial grounds and natural settings. They are fully biodegradable.

Made from recycled Kraft and recycled paper. The stalks are twists of tissue paper.

Scatter Tubes

Beach Scene
Grey Cherry Blossom


Blue Skies
Cheltenham Oak
Myrtle Ashes Casket
Lincoln Mahogany
Metal Keepsake
Metal Token Keepsake