Coffins and Caskets

We work with F E Harris as our main supplier for coffins and caskets but also have relationships with a number of other providers should you require something different.

Choosing a coffin is a very personal choice and we aim to provide as much support as necessary to help you make that decision. We can provide almost any kind of coffin or casket you could want. We supply coffins or caskets made of solid wood, wood veneer, cardboard, willow, bamboo, wool or metal.

You may want to think about how you would like your loved one to be dressed when in their coffin or casket. Many people supply us with a set of clothes but others prefer them to wear a gown which can also be provided.

A selection of the coffins and caskets we provide is shown here, however our Funeral Directors carry a full brochure to assist you.

APL Coffins

These imported solid wood coffins are all made to a high quality.

Lichfield Mahogany

APL Caskets

These are scaled down when compared to the large American Caskets.

Imperial Gold Last Supper
Imperial Mahogany
Imperial Silver
Imperial White

British Caskets

These caskets are made from solid wood to a very high standard.

Bredon Casket
White Cardinal

Colourscape Coffins

Colourscape Coffins offer coffins to reflect the interests or pastimes of your loved one. You can choose from their range of designs or they can help you to create a unique design. To see their full range visit

BSA Motorcycles
Golf Bag
Steam Train
Union Jack

Environmental Coffins

Willow coffins are handmade using renewable and sustainable raw materials. Each are biodegradable and supplied with cotton padded lining, quilt and pillow.

Cardboard Woodgrain

Foil Coffins

These MDF coffin are covered with a wood effect foil.

Elm Foil Gainsborough Panel
Limed Oak
Mahogany Foil Flowers
Oak Foil Panelled sides

Last Supper Coffins and Caskets

The Last Supper Coffin and Casket are both made from solid wood and finished to a high standard.

Carved Solid Oak
Imperial Mahogany Last Supper
Imperial White
Last Supper

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